Too much information!

Lordy, Lordy we have a lot of information to process outta that little kiln. We inherited a ton of under glazes so Sheila tried them on green ware, on bisque and on top of glazes. We had read in this famous potter's book the line -Try it and see! So we did and it all seemed to work. The glaze we put on the green ware fluxed at 06 in the bisque firing and therefore when we dipped the pot in the clear it resisted the glaze. We thought oh ca-ca this is a problem. It worked! Now to sort out what we really like, what is so-what and what is land fill. We probably need to look at the results for a day or two. 


Ron said…
That's a nice green and a couple of nice yellows. Cool. Looking forward to the next batch. The clear looks good and stable too. What was your gut reaction to these colorful, shiny pots?
Kim Overall said…
Oh My Gosh Tony! You and Sheila made the right decision. Your new painterly work is so expressive and lively. I predict you'll have a much bigger electric kiln in just a few months to keep up with demand. From the few I saw lots of white flags being waved while they were retreating.

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