10 jobs

If you have been wondering where I've been.  I have some excuses. Sheila and I counted the number of jobs we have to stay afloat as two studio potters. I'm a Adjunct at Sheridan College, Ontario College of Art, work at Pinecroft 2 days a week, make pots, and travel the country doing workshops. Sheila teaches at Mohawk College 2 nights a week, makes work for Pinecroft, is doing some teaching of staff at the Hamilton Children's Museum, will be offering kids and hand building classes this summer at Pinecroft and oh yeah she makes pots.

We have a survey show coming up  next week at the Burlington Arts Center entitled- High and Low. It is a survey of our work over the past 20 years. Like life it has more highs than lows. The title was a play on our switch from high temp to low temp. We had 20 years of wood fire and only 2 months of low temp so there will be an imbalance. Oh yeah, and the week after we have the WHAT tour. West Hamilton Artists Tour were we have an open house and the unveiling of completely new work. Here are some little teapots I'm making for the tour. I love them best when they are wet with slip. I also like marks of process so leave my thumb mark in the slip.
Hey, we could use a patron so if anyone out there wants to support a hard working couple we could use a break. Ha, the only thing I ever got for free was a fruitcake and I hate fruitcake.


Vicki Hamilton said…
Ya, I kinda did wonder where you were and I knew you had to be busier than a one-armed paper hanger! Love the teapots. Good luck with your continuing adventures!
Mr. Young said…
Love those teapots! I am making some from slabs this week, hoping they turn out alright.
Having fired with wood for so many years, would you mind if I asked some questions? I have only fired electric, but now have no kiln. Looking to put together something about 2-4 cu ft in size.
John Britt said…
I think you could get a job as a hat model for the J Peterman Catalogue. Looking good!
Ron said…
Nice slip job on those teapots, esp the handles. Like the pours.

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