Obama and me!

Here is a wee poster that the good folks in Frederick, Maryland are sending out about my workshop with Barack OBama. Well, he is at Camp David the same week as I am in Frederick and the hotels are packed. Mainly because of me I think.
People have the impression that I have an opinion and speak it openly. Not me he cried!
I am currently working on a book called "Stuck in the Mud". I hope to finish it this summer. It is a compilation of short stories of my rants, philosophies, why's, what for's and general horseshit that I  have slung from day to day for the past 3 decades of mudslinging. I don't know if Grass is asleep or not but I will use this forum to ask him to write a forward for the book as he was one of the people that got me into this fix some 30 years ago. I now have 33 short stories and hope to close it up with 35+.


Unknown said…
I can't wait for the book...It was definitely YOU not the president that caused the commotion!
You can't run for US president...cause if he loses we're all moving to Canada---eh?

Anyway, call me or Betsy 888-737-4014. Have we got a deal for you and Sheila!

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