I just went back in the studio today. Haven't made a pot for us in over 6 weeks. Sheila says I'm getting forgetful. I claim I'm just disconbobulated! Wrapped up Sheridan, had a show at Burlington Art Center, an open house here,  did a workshop in Frederick, Maryland, started back to work at Pinecroft and OCADU, rewired the entire basement of the house with Sparky the electrician and getting this grand ole house in shape can present me with a thousand reasons not to make pots.

A felllow potter Reid Flock dropped in the other night for a few wobbly pops. He had come for some inspiration. We stayed up till the wee hours and we laughed as we are not the ones to be an inspiration to anyone right now. As it turns out Reid's visit inspired me! I am making some peony shaped bowls inspired by some oribe bowls I saw. Mine of of course will have overhead handles. Focusing on getting back to the studio will help me overcome the disconbobulation. Now what was I going to do this afternoon? Oh, yeah go to the studio.


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