I'm slippin'

These pics pretty well sum up the week I've had. My timeing has been off all week. Slip them when they are too dry and the surface has dozens of blisters or air pockets. Slip them to wet and the handles fall off taking half the pot. So getting the pot and the handle to be just right is my current mission. If my resume wasn't covered in 30 years of mud I'd like to apply to be a postman.
Another group of cups is waiting for me to kill them this morning. They are under plastic resting while our kiln is firing in the studio on this 37 degree day. Talk about a hot house.


Dennis Allen said…
Holy crap that's a lot of work wasted. Better luck next time.
Bonnie Hotz said…
YOU are so NOT ALONE - Just spent 5 months using a new stoneware clay, getting all my glazes to fit... the manufacturer said its his best for functional ware ...My flat ware is cracking after it's been cool and out of the kiln for hours...I wouldn't call that functional! Back to the drawing board - oy.
Cambria Pottery said…
That is brutal. What does Doug Fitch do (clay body is more tolerant I guess). His surfaces are always so juicy.
Anonymous said…
Tony, try adding some darvan to your slip - more fluid with less water, less water less shrinking, cracking, soaking of the greenware. less trouble.

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