Finally there is a course designed for those that actually want to make a living from their craft. Thru my association with Robin "Grass" Hopper I was put in touch with Alan Burgess Prof at North Vancouver Island College where I have served on an Advisory basis. Alan has done all the leg and grunt work and finally has the blessings of the school brass to offer a course designed for becoming a Professional Potter. Alan has asked me to teach a couple of courses at NVIC starting May 2103. In my opinion this is exactly the right course at the right time. Congrats to Alan!!!!!!!!!! If I have read the market correctly and I think I have there is a HUGE market for exactly this course.


John Britt said…
Congrats Tony. Tell them like it is!
Anonymous said…
Darn, unfortunately I'll be 145 in 2103
potterswife said…
Thank Goodness! and more than past time for such a course. We're now retired and the business closed but when we tried to hire a production potter in the early 90's there were 7 production potter businesses doing the wholesale trade shows. All of us needed help and none of us could find competant graduates.
We were prepare to train someone who could throw 6 small bowls an hour,to start. Our production throwers regularly made in excess of 100 mugs or equivalent a day. We didn't want someone who took three weeks, made 48 small bowls, and chose the 6 which were closest in size.
This course is not only well past needed it is imperative in order to save the integrity of the craft. As members of the 'older potters' class we owe it to those who preceeded us, like the Diechmanns and Hermans and Tess Kiddicks of this country to ensure that we leave the community in good, well trained, competent hands. It is long past the time when we can excuse inept workmanship masquerading as high art.
Anonymous said…
NVIC starting May 2103

2103? I like your long range planning!

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