We had some discussion at Sheridan about clay bodies. I went on about not one clay body is good for all things and outlined the importance of making your own clay body to suit you. Of course we throw in words like tooth, flesh, and bones. Well this body of mine also requires grog to open it up and give it some bones. I love my morning grog. It starts with boiling water and a pinch of salt( real salt from Salt Lake, Utah that has iron particles in it) 8 grain cereal from a Amish flour mill, and added to that is organic cranberries, organic flax seeds(ground in the coffee grinder), almonds, walnuts, coconut, and some chia also from the Amish mill. Yeah and to sweeten the pie I pour on some Canadian maple syrup. A cup of coffee in a cup from former student Andrew Kellner this morning.  A word for the wise that start their morning with this open body- do not immediately go on your morning walk or stray far from home.


DropStitchChris said… out for that coconut oil too!! take sparingly...gurglegurglegurgle....

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