The Mark of a Potter

One of my teachers told me you could judge a potter by the teapot. You want to make money make a straight sided, flat bottom pot and voila ca ching ca ching. In my youth I made 90 such teapots in a day. Today I made 5 teapots the way I like to make them.    Making a rounded teapot with a trimmed bottom, some marks and details takes time. Like my father once told me "It's what you do when you don't have to that makes all the difference!" I made up a glaze last week that was 70% red clay and 30 whiting. It was a lovely glaze that pooled in the recesses and broke on the edges. I was thinking of that glaze when I made these pots.


Vicki Hamilton said…
Lovely pot TC. Can we see it when it's been through the glaze firing? Making marks on pots is an investigation I've been involved with for some years now.

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