Pee Bags

I can always count on Grass Hopper for the straight to the point crit. My attempt at the handles on the tall vases he said looked like urine bags. Ouch! When asked what the difference between fine art and craft I have always said that craft you pee in and art you pee on. So looks like I am firmly planted in the craft tradition. Nice place to be, actually.
You all have seen Grass posted all over CM mags giving a testimonial for something or other. Well he has been laying low of late and lost a pile of weight. Here is a picture of him shoveling snow. He doesn't give up easily. Press on Grass, press on!


June Perry said…
Nah, I think they look like a limp gelding after he's relieved himself. Of course, Robin could be right. I don't know what a pee bag looks like. :-)
smartcat said…
Hmmmmm...Grass certainly is succinct. I miss his blog notes. Those don't look anything like the pee bags I have seen....don't ask!

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