Rough Edges

In the March issue of Ceramics Monthly is an article entitled "Rough Edges- The Work of Tony Clennell" written by my former student Heidi McKenzie. Usually when there is something published I have written it so I sat with my heart in my hands waiting for this article to be published. As you blog readers know I have been reading Micheal Cardew- The Last Sane Man. One of Micheal's last apprentices who he spoke of very highly is American Jane Herold. Jane wrote to me of the pots in the "Rough Edges" article and said ""strikingly gutsy and still friendly".  Man, I like that! I want that written on my tomb stone some 30 or more years from now when I'm visiting all my potter friends in Valhalla.


Dennis Allen said…
There are certainly worse traits to have. Congratulations on the fame! Check your mail for the fortune.
Congrats! I'm looking forward to reading the article.

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