Laid back wood firing

Well we just fired the maiden voyage of the woodie. It went faster than expected and it seemed we spent most of our time trying to hold it back. One of the new ideas for me that was put forward by Donovan Palmquist was to hold the kiln at the beginning of red heat for an extended time. We choose 1400 and held it for 7 hours. This gets the entire mass radiating heat for a finish that was spot on even- Cone 11 everywhere. We held the kiln again at Cone 6 since it was going way to fast. Holding it at 2230 had Cone 11 down everywhere- the old time and temperature theory. Since most of the pots were glazed ware and I had no intention firing too long so it ended up at 28 hours in length. We could have finished in 16. It was just a holding game.


Anonymous said…
way cool bro

cant wait to see your pots

figured a way to shorten the cooling time?

congrats big time. know you are a happy man to stop dinking with earthenware and underglazes. too girly for you pretty boy

heh heh

Dennis Allen said…
Glad to hear it went well.
Dan Finnegan said…
Bourrey boxes are like that...always good to have too much power!
Krystal Speck said…
Love your blog, Tony! I have never had the pleasure (or madness?) of wood firing but you make it look fun! *I spy Andrew!

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