Never again!!!

When Sheila and I tore down our train two years ago we said never again will we build a wood kiln. Well, it didn't last long and the maiden voyage is being unloaded. I can't imagine how I could finish my pots other than with wood. I was asked by my professor
 Dan Murphy if I could see the pots in my MFA Thesis Exhibition fired any other way than with wood. I answered "No!" Dan replied "that is the right answer!" I have been draggin' my butt these past few days but looking at the fruits of our labour I can't wait to get back to making pots again.
Here are a few bud vases I made with my Uncle Jimmie in mind. He made fruit serving dishes back in 1948. I used his mould to press mould some footed bud vases. I'm supposed to send some pots to a  invitational

show at Harbourfront in Toronto entitled "Surfaces". Can't think of a better surface. More pics to come.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful pots Tony, look at those surfaces. Very nice indeed. So happy to hear that the first firing in the wood kiln went fabulously! And a quick kiln to boot! awesome.
Chris said…
What beautiful pots. Congratulations.

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