Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Kellner

In another life I wrote a regular column for Clay Times magazine. I wrote an article entitled "Let Your Freak Flag Fly" which was a tribute to this young man- Andrew Kellner . At the time I was teaching him at Sheridan College he sported a lime green Mohawk, fluorescent orange mutton chops, piercings, body art, camouflage pants, Doc Martins, stretched ear lobs and all the paraphernalia. In that article I compared him to my Uncle Jimmie who was a 84 year old character of another kind. The world needs more people of character.
Here is Andrew a decade later with his new bride Victoria. What else would you think a born wood fire potter would do for a honeymoon? Go help fire a wood kiln of course. Andrew has married well as Victoria works as tirelessly as he does. I wish them many many wood firings together. Hope they will be around to stoke me into old age. Congrats Andrew and Victoria. Keep your fires going!
Here is the night crew Chad Smith, Andrew and Victoria. A more awesome crew you couldn't ask for. Here is Andrew off shift at 7am  having his well earned morning coffee.


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