Pink Porcelain

I'm at home using my trusty Thomas Stuart. I haven't thrown at home since early April and it feels rather comfy  like an old sweater.  I'm using Dick Lehman's 12D body that I am calling pink porcelain as it contains Red Art clay. Thank you Dick and Duncan Aird for testing this clay for me.  I rather like iron in a porcelain as you get a celedon from a clear glaze and it flashes rather nicely in the wood kiln. So I started by doing some and some. Some for the market place and some for me. I made those pedestal candy dishes that have been selling rather well and for me I made some jars with drunken knobs, some gashes and marks to add interest with the falling ash.  I can't say I have seen many potters use porcelain in a casual manner. It is usually perfectly thrown and trimmed. One of the earliest favourite pots I saw was a porcelain vase by John Reeve. It was at Ruth McKinley's in her collection. I wondered why she loved this piece that looked so off center in every way compared to the machine perfection of her work. I now get it! John Reeve was an amazing porcelain potter.


smartcat said…
These are elegant. I'm looking forward to the finished pieces.
jffollies said…
Do so enjoy your blog and your work.

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