Seagrove's Best Kept Secret

Mention the name Donna Craven to the potters of the Seagrove area and you get a big thumbs up. How many outside of NC have heard of Donna?  I'm totally embarrassed to admit I knew nothing of her work until I spent the winter at Starworks. Was I smart enough to visit her- no!!!!!
This past week while visiting  the house of my friend Jennie Lorette Keats I kept bumping into these amazingly large strong and powerful pots of Donna's and oh yeah did I mention she makes absolutely killer handles. I tried to see her this time around but she had stuff going on and we didn't make contact. I love her work as do most of the potters in the area. Pretty amazing when you live in a town with over 100 potters to earn that much respect. I think she out works most.
The sometimes small lid on a big jar, the sometimes oversized lid on a big jar, the spring of the handles,  the tape work, the obsessive polka dotting all kept me engaged. She may well be the Seagrove areas potter's potter. There are so  many damn fine ones in the area so to get them all looking your way is no small achievement.
I'll be at Starworks this winter, Donna so I'm bringing a bottle of wine over so make some time to talk handles and pots. Keep the mud slinging. Sending a love bomb your way!
Check out the volume and oh yeah the handles slay me. 

There is a nude carved in this vase but I closed my eyes.

I absolutely love the big lid on this jar!

Juicy side fired bottles.

Nice pin stripes


Jennie Keatts said…
We will see her! She is amazing and a very good friend.

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