Slow turning

It's been a slow turnin' 
From the inside out 
A slow turnin' 
But you come about 
Slow learnin' 
But you learn to sway 
A slow turnin' baby 
Not fade away- John Hiatt
Here are a couple of jugs I picked up from the Queen Anne firing captained by Duncan Aird, Emma Smith and crew. Thank y'all for putting in 60 hours wood firing of surface treatment.
The jug has been my favourite go to pot now for probably 35 years. It has been the hardest form I make to make look loose. I think Eric Botbyl has done it brilliantly and Mr.K's expressive trimming has brought new interest back to me in this form. Thick slip is a good start but the pinching of the rim, the handle, darting the butt and poking of the foot has helped me regain interest in making the jug. 
I get tight when my bank account is sagging and when I feel the wolf howling at my door. I've had a good year but probably been too much on the road to concentrate on my work. I'm really in love with these pots of a longer firing and I have a couple firings to look forward to. Emma asked me to fire with  Queen Anne and The Drag Queens in December and then in Feb I fire the Ratagama with Ronnie the Rat and Rockettes. 
In November look for my work of this past year at Bon Feu Deux(Shane Norrie Gallery), Ron Meyers 85th Birthday Invitational (Schaller Gallery) and a big representation of work at 260 Fingers. Also work is available at one of the best fine craft galleries in our province- The General, Almonte, Ontario. 
Turning is a southern term for throwing. I do agree with soft clay and slow turning. Happy Thanksgiving to y'all. We all have so much to be thankful for. Let's start with belonging to the clay community.
Buck naked

A pinch to grow and inch

Hammered with ash and a darted arse


Anonymous said…
Do you call that model of jug the "Kim Kardasian", because of its big lips and bigger arse?

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