Voting for human decency

This past weekend  The Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers fired The Champ.  We have fired together so often we all know our roles and everyone is there to be part of a well oiled team.
There appears a divide between Amber,me and Eh Team.  It is the ghost of our beloved Teresa Dunlop who is out for a bit. Miss ya Teresa.  

The firing went well. A little longer than normal which is to be expected when it is the last firing of 2019 and we have an exhibition to have work for- Bon Feu Deux at Shane Norrie Contemporary. Wood kilns are known to keep you humble.
What was so great for me was to be surrounded by like minded people. It is voting day here in Canada and all on the crew would vote for human decency and the world we are leaving our children.  They aren't voting for their pocket books or their give me list. There were no climate change deniers present or any conspiracy theorists. They all believe in a living wage.
I know I will wake up tomorrow disappointed in Canada. Britain and America are in such turmoil with their mind set. Two countries that once ruled the entire world are now so conflicted and polarized. David and Goliath revisited.
Hope conquers fear! I remain hopeful. Oh Canada, I do love ya!
Come on Canada set the bar for the world.


JLK Jewelry said…
Living with like minded individuals enhances our lives, and voting for human decency seems to be simple common sense. Sadly it seems, many vote how they are told without understanding the issues. And so often those that don't vote for human decency are those that benefit the most from it. A sad commentary on education and social awareness.
gz said…
You have a good and decent crew there
Anonymous said…
Trudeau is just an empty suit.
None of the politicians stepped up enough to win my vote.
Anonymous said…
4 more years of Mr. Dressup? Yikes!
Anonymous said…
I've heard of the glass ceiling, but wasn't familiar with the term glass floor.
That's where losers like Trudeau get held up with the financial backing of some cronies and get made into being Prime Minister.

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