Pottery Royalty

Are you wondering why I asked the Faces of Jugtown to present to my one month intensive course a one day presentation on "Making a Living"? Well let me give ya a little background on this family pottery team and their devotion and dedication to the craft of pottery making that started in a pottery that was established in 1917.
My students and I are going to be in the presence of pottery royalty.
Lets start with the patriarch Vernon Owens. A more humble and less assuming pottery celebrity you will never meet. I didn't know Vernon was a Honourary Doctor of Letters awarded by North Carolina State University. Would Vernon ever suggest he was Dr. Vernon Owens- never!!!! Among his long list of accomplishments is NC Folk Heritage Award, and National Heritage Fellowship. He started making pots at age 15 and hasn't stopped.
Dr. Vernon Owens

The matriarch of Jugtown- Pam Owens
Pam joined Jugtown in 1980, married Vernon in 1983 and has been the driving force in the business. I love this statement by Pam. "How I landed at Jugtown and this wonderful state that so appreciates clay, still mystifies me, but I am honored to be part of the tradition and do my best to keep it alive, evolving and yet connected to its history. The forms at Jugtown are always subtly changing. We work from the tradition but are not strictly bound by it."
The Matriarch- Pam Owens

Next we have the oldest son Travis Owens. Travis began making pots at age 2 and has a Bachelor of Art and Design from North Carolina State University.
Man with the Elvis sideburns- Travis Owens

Next we have daughter Bayle Owens that is quickly becoming known for her critters and pumpkin pots. Bayle started making pots at age 2 and completed her first dinner set at age 10. That is embarrassing to most of us potters. I hope the dinner set didn't include a teapot.
Bayle Owens- painting critters.

20 years ago Pam invited her sister Jennie Lorette Keatts to come to work at Jugtown as a jeweller to do something with the glaze drips. Are you still wondering why I asked The Faces of Jugtown to present on "Making a Living!"Jennie was a high flying Marketing Executive lured to the "family" business at Jugtown. Note the emphasis on "family".
Jennie Lorette Keatts- making diamonds outta glaze drips.

Every potter needs a helping hand to glaze, load and fire. Enter Vernon's brother Bobby Owens. Bobby is an integral part of the Jugtown team.

Bobby Owens- keeping the potters turning.
Sometimes family are not biological. Sometimes they just belong to your family .
Ikuko Hussey " Sukoshi" is the organizer and sales person at Jugtown.
Sukoshi- organizer 

The importance of family is so very evident at Jugtown. I am thrilled to be able to present this family to the students at The Starworks Intensive Course with Tony Clennell and Friends. Good night, John Boy. Good night, Mary Ellen. If you remember The Waltons you get the reference.


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