Holy Smit!

I have my buddy Heather Smit here at Starworks working along side me. I was feeling off my mojo this week so I accepted a collaboration challenge from her.
What was I thinking?
Good Gawd this is going to really cut into my snoring. I really don't know what to do. Heather's work is like precision tin smit-hing. Mine is like chainsaw carpentry. To share in my pain I suggested that she also collaborate with Jennie Lorette Keatts Jewelry. Trouble is I have to do mine in the next day or two.
It is great to have to work outside your comfort zone. It is what I miss about my production days. I knew exactly what to make and make them in multiples.
Heather has 3 of my teapots to complete. I sure hope she doesn't make them look a whole lot better than I could. She drinks expensive Scotch and I will need to do some heavy duty bribing.

Heather scraping off the art

Looks like a really hard puzzle to me.

What in Gawd's name do I do with this?

Heather powders the lids with corn starch for easy removal,\.
How do I make something hard edged look soft edged? How to marry two complete opposites? It is a bit like my wrinkled shirt and a pair of nicely pressed pants. Will the two be convincing?
The three collaborative t-pots I did with Jennie of JLK Jewelry all reside here in the US. Two I know have amazing collections- Pottery Addict  of NC and Katy Belle Bryant of Georgia. The third one resides in Charlotte, NC.
If all goes well maybe one will be destined to be fired in the Ratagama. I'll see the Rat Family a week tomorrow. It is my favourite working holiday.


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