Girl Power =Strong Women

That title ain't PC for me to write but it's Ok for the artist and I love all the thoughts on this piece. I didn't buy it and now I'm full of regret. It says so much to me about my daughter and 3 grand daughters. I raised one to be strong now it's up to my kids to raise their kiddos to be strong and with that I have no doubt. They are awesome parents.
  I've been waiting for this show for months and I think I was so overwhelmed I couldn't decide on anything. Wishing I had deeper pockets.  I talked to the artist and told her she looked awesome and told her she looked like her her art that I loved. She said thank you I'm just try to blend in.
Girl Power

Blending In
I loved this piece by Missionary Mary Proctor.
 Her husband kept telling me it would look great on my wall and I so wish I could have said yes I'll take it. I love this piece made from old paint brushes. Then when I got home I looked her up. Among other collections she is in the Metropolitan and The Smithsonian.  It took me ten years to get a Clyde Jones piece. This one is going to haunt me for months. The Fearrington Folk Art Show blew my mind.
Look closely it's old paint brushes- $1200USD I lust for it!

Missionary Mary Proctor-

Mary Proctor for President.


Anonymous said…
Fight for Central Tech's Art Program

3,271 have signed. Judi Dyelle signed this petition

Please sign and show your support for art education.
Anonymous said…
This is laughable

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