The Need to Explain Yourself

Having spent so many years as a production potter I always think that I need to make something functional and then explain what to use it for. Visual function doesn't seem to be enough.
Yesterday I had a great day making these boats. I kept thinking of the old joke about the First Nation's Chief meeting up with some European explorers and saying "where the fuck are we?". The explorers thought he said name of his band and they were forever known as The Fuckahwees. All the while I kept thinking to myself what the are these things and where are they going?
The winged pots took me back a few decades and reminded me of the winged bowls of Englan's Colin Pearson. It helps to have a deep well to draw inspiration from. I've spent my entire life  looking at pots. When that drip of water starts the seed no one knows.
I had thought I was going to make these to sport my new hand built spouts that Heather Smit demoed. I spent more time farting around getting the spout upside down and backwards so I went to the wheel and my comfort zone. I had so much fun collaborating. One a man only has half a brain it's nice to get some help.
 biscuits and white gravy- a southern thang

Wine decanter????

slab didn't go all the way thru the slab roller - I thought hmmmm!

I dare ya to love them.

Grogeeweenee- my new favourite Starworks Clay

Making pots should be fun!


Anonymous said…
Pee Pots?
Tony Clennell said…
Pee pots I love it.
The definition of craft. Craft ya can piss in and art you can piss on. !
Anonymous said…
The symbolism is obviously male, Cock Pots?

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