Deep Well

We're all wondering who, what, why, how and when. I've been distracted from my work with ripping up my front and back hallway up, painting my guest room pink at the request of my grand daughter.  I've also been riding 30K a day thru Amish country early in the morning. 
I went to bed the other night and thought hey man get back your groove, get the mojo going. Hey man you are an artist wtf are you doing avoiding your work?
So I went down to the studio and I made some teapots that I like. I didn't make them for the marketplace. I made them for me. I had fun! Ain't that what we're supposed to do? I could have sat there and cranked out some mindless work to keep myself busy but I am too old to just make stuff. I only have so many more more pots left in these hands so i want them to be what i want to leave in this world. Ok I might be leaving them in my back shed if no one wants them but the turtle makes no progress if he doesn't stick out his neck.
When a man goes fishing he doesn't really go for the fish. He goes for the wildness, the experience, the time away from reality. Pottery is fishing to me. I live in my mind far away from the Corona Virus, Crazy Donny, world news. I am into the mind of Crazy Tony and making Art with no idea of who, what, why, how or when I'm going to sell it. I am a Marketing Managers nightmare and I'm Ok with that. I've made my way with clay all over my clothes and hands for over 40 years now. 
Hey take a look at these t-pots. I love edges and I got em goin' on. Holes, pinches, jagged edges, round bellies, and most of all- ATTITUDE! OK I'm daring ya- show some attitude in your work. 
I am missing teaching. If there are two things I try to convey is be authentic and give attitude. The world needs that so desperately. Peace out and lots of love. T


Anonymous said…
Isn’t that what retirement and pension is all about. Do whatever the f you want!
Anonymous said…
These are difficult times,I so miss getting some good instructions and guidance at the Pinecroft Pottery.
And I miss my choir a lot .
Keep save !!
Anonymous said…
I miss going to the library and getting a book, or wandering the aisles till a book jumps out at me and says take me home and read me. Browsing the web just isn't the same.
I also miss my pottery classes, working with clay is like meditation to me, and I also miss all the other amazing people I meet there, who are also on their pottery journeys.

Looking forward to the day when we can all meet up again.
Anonymous said…
Take it easy on yourself and cut yourself a little slack, what makes you think these times are conducive to creativity and being productive, we are all isolated and under stress. With all this time we have on our hands, why aren't we working harder and making more. There are other things to life, and having the opportunity to ride a back through the countryside sounds like heaven to me, taking the time to make what you really want to make sounds like heaven. And taking the time to cook a really good meal and enjoying it sounds like heaven. Numbing your mind with T.V. and shopping at the mall, and checking out the jones on facebook, doesn't seem very important at all.
Anonymous said…
Arundhati Roy “The Pandemic is a Portal”

Arundhati Roy reads from her new essay “The Pandemic is a Portal,” from her forthcoming book Azadi: Freedom. Fascism. Fiction.

Anonymous said…
Viva la revolución!

Vive la révolution!

Melania Trump sculpture in Slovenia set on fire on US Independence Day.
Anonymous said…

A famous Voodoo priest from New Orleans was arrested this morning by the FBI after paying an impressive $25,000 for a few strands of President Trump’s hair in order to inflict physical harm on him and control him through a voodoo doll.

Anonymous said…
What else can you do while sewing and making your own masks to protect yourself?

Make yourself a trump voodoo doll, or if you don't have the time buy yourself one.

Where to start with your Donald Trump Voodoo Doll?
Stick a pin in….. Donald Trump!
*His little bitty hands–for his obnoxious Tweeting!

*His heart–to gain some empathy for women, minorities and immigrants.

*His mouth–to shut him up!

*His head–to stop the insanity!
Anonymous said…
Ah to be young again, hang out with friends at the beach or park, go to house parties and BBQs, wander the streets in roving gangs, gather at bars and nightclubs, and not feel the need to wear a mask or social distance, and just keep on spreading that damn virus.
Anonymous said…
Now is the time to join the ranks of artists who are thriving online through blogging. Artists who enhance the lives of people all over the world with their work. And who aren’t afraid to make a good living doing it.

The Internet has turned selling creative work on its head.

No longer can you simply get good at your craft and then find someone to champion you, manage you, or sponsor you.

For today’s artist, building a tribe is non-negotiable, get fans, clients, and customers interacting with you.

Anonymous said…
Is De-Skilling Killing Your Arts Education?

this academic prejudice against skill was a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it is stronger now than it has ever been. Conceptualism replaced abstraction as the dogma of the day, and has been in turn replaced by Postmodern hybridity, identity politics, or pure theory on the majority of college campuses.

De-skilling is the term I’ve commonly heard used to describe this odd institutional practice in the arts.

Anonymous said…
"How We Live In A World Of Deskilled Makers Who Come Out Of Programs Who Teach Ideologies And Lifestyles Rather Than Skill And Technique. Makes Me Even More Aware Of The Value Of Crafts In A Post-Digital, Deskilled World."

RichardA said…
Hey T! Loved your thoughts. Been going to a bad place myself...what with Covid, our insane president bent on destroying pretty much everything good about America, a case of carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve impingement and a Zoning and Planning Board seemingly bent on denying Carolyn and I our latter life studio on our property. Haven't felt like making pots for weeks now, which is pretty much the first time I can truthfully say that over the past 45 years.
As the Wicked Witch of the West said, "Oh what a world, what a world!"
Anonymous said…
“Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Calling on all good Christians to pray for Donald Trump and all his pandering Republican lackeys to loose in the next election.

Pray him out, pray him out!

BB. L.
Anonymous said…
First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out because I was not a communist.
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the labor leaders, but I did not speak out because I was not a unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.
As one day became another and others disappeared, gypsies, mentally retarded, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, criminals, anti-socials and emigrants, I remained silent because I was not one of them.
Then it was they came for me, but no one spoke for me because by then there was no one left to speak.
Martin Niemoller,1945.
Anonymous said…
What will you say when they come for me?

Niemoller did not speak out
because he was not threatened
his beliefs, ideologies, sex was
of no concern to others
at first

I speak out not because I am threatened
but because
So many are

And In doing so
I have pulled back these curtains
lifted the blinds a peek
to let you see in these windows
to give you a glimpse of mine
of these demons we try to keep hidden
in the dark of our souls

It is a statement of recursive
hindsight this
I find myself often standing as Voltaire
standing up for what is right
What is honorable, what is true
Even though often what is right
And what is true
is not what you do and
“it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong”

And among you I stand alone

for you prefer to keep your shades
drawn tight, as if permanence
can be exuded through your denial
your demons you pretend are
a phantom temptation you
hope to will away through penance
prayer you can will away
by closing your eyes,
by closing your heart

but you can never close your soul

I ask of you:
are we good souls tempted by evil?
Or are we evil souls struggling to be good?

And I am often afraid
Not of the demons we try to hide
nor those we allow to escape
but because of the fear that drives
Your thoughts
The fear that drives your will
The fear that denies the truth
I am afraid of what you fear
and often what you fear is me

I have loved you and
in loving you I allow you to possess
these truths which have come to
define me which have come to drive me
which have come to frighten you

Your demons possess you
and you say it is not you but something else
and you believe that you can hide from them
that they are not a part of you
that they are not a part of you - you embrace
a part of you - you indulge in
you fancy and dally with
on the outskirts of your temptation
so you close your eyes in denial
seeking comforting in the dark
a darkness that frightens you
because there - there are no demons
only you alone with your own personal thoughts

And you say that those something elses
Those plays of darkness
Those images incarnate inherent
are not a part of you

I have entrusted in your care now
My secrets
You have become the caretaker of the truth
My soul
And now I fear you
not because there is no one to speak up for me
I have you
not because there is no one to stand up with me
for I have you

I fear you
Because you are afraid of the dark
Because you are afraid of what they will say

I fear you
Not because you will not speak up for me
but rather

What you will say to make them come for me

Khristian E. Kay
Anonymous said…
Who knows what went on between Trump and his secret meetings with Russians at his gold resorts in Scotland and Florida where they all hang out, or his secret meetings at the Trump Tower in New York City, or even his playdates with Russian prostitutes in Moscow. All we do know is that in 4 years Putin's pet president has destroyed the United States of America, and those people who have supported him, lied for him, and kept him in office have also betrayed America.

Vote him out, Vote him out!
Vote them out, Vote them out!
Anonymous said…
Over the last decade of making pots, I’ve come to notice something about my pottery. Each piece is a time capsule.

Clay captures everything: mood, intentions, hopes, fears, dreams.

The clay captures my vision.

Everything that happens to the clay has an impact on the final outcome and so it records the moment in time when it’s being shaped, created. As I look at my work, I remember why I made it, how I was feeling at the time. While you may not be able to see the entire snapshot when you hold a piece, you do get a sense of the vision, of that moment, like a still-life painting.

When you hold a piece of my pottery, you are holding a moment in my life.

Anonymous said…
It was a time of stress for me. And suddenly I found that not only was I able to finally master the wheel, but that I fell in love with it. Focusing on a piece of clay blocked out everything else in my life. I realized that when you focus just on the clay, you’re distracted from your problems, especially if you’re in distress. Best of all, clay is magical. There is no right or wrong. Whatever you produce helps increase a feeling of self worth.

Randy B.
Anonymous said…
The art of pottery is oftentimes described as therapeutic and relaxing. While spinning clay, your mind, and body are in natural synergy, wrapped around your creative ambitions and goals. This thoughtful, artistic activity can open up the mind and relieve you of outside worries.

Increase optimistic outlook – Pottery enables for improvements in flow and spontaneity, provides an outlet for grief, and helps you with self-identification and self-expression, bolstering confidence and self-esteem.

Anonymous said…
Cheer yourself up with a ceramic Boobie Mug.

ceramic Boobie Mugs are an excellent substitution to your kitchen for sipping a hot drink of coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate in the morning or winter evenings.

Nothing will cheer you up like getting your hands on a boobie mug that you've made yourself.

gz said…
Didn't we start on this journey in clay because we wanted to make what pleases us?
Keep on going!! xx
Anonymous said…
Titty Twist Challenge

Our answer to the Ice Bucket Challenge? Get a friend to twist your titties and raise awareness for breast cancer.

Anonymous said…
There is always so much more good than bad when it all ends up. The bad surfaces and try’s to drown the good. Bad is easy, easy to do, easy to give, easy to take so to is hard, but it is worth it. Remember the good and the love that holds it up. Good should always win. Bad needs to raise its head and try to win. Goodness trumps bad. Love, compassion and kindness trump bad. Always try for love, compassion, caring, understanding and trying. Live alone or live in love, cherish the times.
Anonymous said…
may we walk with those who feel they are alone,
and may we do all that we can to heal
the sick, in spite of the epidemic.
susan weaver said…
not too old .... older
Anonymous said…

Amazing t-pots!
Anonymous said…
I'm sure she's been handed her papers and sent packing.

Poor Karen...
Anonymous said…
Significant Others: Creativity and Intimate Partnership
by Whitney Chadwick (Editor), Isabelle De Courtivron (Editor)

Something for your self-isolation reading list.
Anonymous said…
Modern civility : etiquette for dealing with annoying, angry, and difficult people
Lett, Cynthia W., author

For all those Karen's in our lives....
Anonymous said…
Creative Pottery : Innovative Techniques and Experimental Designs in Thrown and Handbuilt Ceramics.

Schwartzkopf, Deb

Are you up to the challenge?
Anonymous said…
Karen says she is just expressing herself, and that's OK, it's other people's problem of how they react to what she says. Hey Karen, if there is a problem, it's probably you. What a bunch of crap Karen, get over yourself.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Roses are red,
And violets are blue,
I thought Donald Trump was ugly,
But then I saw you.


Have a nice day Karen.

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