Old Dawg, New Tricks

 A few years ago I had this troll comment on my blog post that I was still making the same old tired jug form that I was making 15 years ago. I have been making the jug for probably closer to 30 years now and it has seen a slow transformation.

Take this poster promoting my upcoming Makers Meet two hour presentation on 2 and 3 piece jugs poking, prodding and extreme handles. That jug was fired in Ron Meyers Ratagama 3 years ago. I was proud of the double handle and the extreme firing. 

In the past 3 years I am finding a way to loosen up the jug. I struggled with this classic form. I found a way with cups, jars, teapots, bowls and plates but the jug eluded me. 

Thick slip application loosened it up somewhat but it still looked rather formal. Recently the pinching and poking have brought a new life to the form. The handle has always been a signature but now more so than ever with pinches, holes and double and triple handles uniting as one. Who says an old dawg can't learn new tricks?

This last one is the most recent with an upside down handle. I like the belly volume in these jugs. 

Join me at the Fusion Makers Meet. If you think little pitchers go in your wallet and big pitchers go on the wall then all of the techniques I will demonstrate can be used to make 2 and 3 piece vazzzes. 

Thank you Fusion for the invite. I have truly missed teaching y'all. 

Take care out there my brothers and sisters of Clay. 



gz said…
Making the same thing is good, you are still practicing, tell 'em!!
Repeating the same thing means you learn more about doing it I would say, and that first jug shows that you are enjoying yourself. Keep on doing it!
Anonymous said…
Don't trolls bring you good luck?

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