Missing in Action

I haven't written much of late. Even if I did write you were all distracted with all the madness being dished out in our world lately you probably wouldn't have read it. Whoever said writing is easy is either a bad writer or a liar. I've had a tuff time of it. When the winds of change hit hard and knock ya off your guard you gotta put your back to the wind and keep moving forward. Covid took my career to the car wash! In a normal year I find my way in the studio trying to make good pots. This year I'm not only struggling with writing but with my pots. I seem to go in fits and starts. But one of the things that feeds a start is exercise. I seem to need it as much as I need morning high test Jo! I would normally go straight to the studio and work. I tried this last week and an hour into it I thought Holy Shit what about my bike ride? When am I going to do it today? If I wait till late afternoon I'll be too tired. So off with the clay clothes and into the embarassing bike garb- tight pants with padded bum, tight shirt, click on shoes, helmet, and off we went. Today I drove an hour 15 minutes to ride 40K along the rail trail between Cambridge and Paris along the mighty Grand River.The odometer on my bike reads in miles so today I hit over 2500 miles(4100 kilometres) since I bought my bike last summer. I think most of it has come in the last 3 months since Covid. I wish Ontario had a longer season as I'm going to really miss this air, exercise and mental therapy. Peace out, my brothers and sisters of clay. Love to y'all. T


gz said…
You could always get a basic turbo trainer and ride that half an hour a day..I will be getting back to that soon enough myself. The computer will pick up from the sensors just as if you were on the road, no need for any fancy expensive gear.
One tip though....make sure you face out if a window when riding the trainer!! Some put them in their garage..no wonder they don't keep it up, who wants to ride looking at a wall?!
Enjoy the outdoors while you can
Anonymous said…
Better put some snow tires and chains on those bicycle tires!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Enjoy the cold weather bicycle riding Mr. Long Johns.
Anonymous said…
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