Danger labels

A wee time ago I was taken to task for putting a label on myself. I said I was a potter. My friend responded that I am so much more than just a potter and I need to get out of that box. I was told you are a father, a grandfather, a friend, a teacher, a reader, a writer, a gardener, a so-so cook, a cyclist, as well as so many other things. "What do you do? " often is what people ask you. It's their way to define you. Ah garbage man hmmmmmm I'll treat you differently than if you said brain surgeon. Not fair! Not fair at all. The garbage man has a beautiful home and garden, a couple of kids that are in University, he coaches the local hockey team, makes killer BBQ and is studying to be a sommelier. One word labels are dangerous and don't paint a real picture of the person.
I just finished reading Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts his true story of a heroin addict, bank robber who escapes from an Australian prison to live in excile in Bombay, India where he joins the Mafia to be a counterfeiter, gun runner and street soldier. Such a great read with lots of great wisdom about love, luck and the choices we make.
I relate to this "Anything that can be put in a nutshell should remain there!" It's another take on the box theory. Crack the nuts and fill the bowl with all of what you are. Fill the bowl with your favourite nuts and pass them all around. When my Doctor told me " You are what you eat, I knew I was nuts."


Anonymous said…
Danger labels is true, go to see a specialist doctor about a health problem, and they ask are you married, do you have children, and are you working. Say no to all of the above, and see what treatment you get, they'll show you the door, why waste money on health care when its cheaper to let you die.
Anonymous said…

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Anonymous said…
my new favorite names for The Donald.

unhinged Unreality King

psycho Prima Donald

and the winner is....

demented Deeply Disturbed Fuzzy Orange Goofball Dick Tater

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