Let your freak flag fly

Well it's Christmas Day and I have had a day to reflect on life and what I deam important.
I'm all about being different. I celebrate being different. I've been called colourful. I may wear pink or yellow trousers, a pink or yellow shirt, yellow or lime green glasses. I sport a handmade beaver felt fedora. Not the usual around My Town. Truth is I don't give a shit. I am different and I know it. Remember Country Joe and the Fish from Woodstock- Let your freak flag fly? I have lived that song. I don't want to blend in. The art that I have collected is not of everyones taste and thank Gawd there are artists that make off the wall art for off the wall buyers like me. I don't make art for everyone. I make art for people that are weird and their lights shine. My wish for y'all tonight is to let your weird light shine brightly so that I can find you and your weird work. We weirdos have to stick together. Peace and love this Christmas night. T


Jeff Abney said…
Love it, Tony! Keep on letting that freak flag fly!
Anonymous said…
OTC (over the couch) and Mall Art, don't interest me either.

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