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It's been awhile since I woke up in the morning with an idea for the studio that day. 14 months of wondering WTF. Yesterday morning I woke up thinking about the circle of life or as I often call it the "whoopie". It is about the movement of the rib or the trimming tool to create a whoopie. It symbolizes our lives how they start small and move out to eternity. Artists are having a hard time right now. We have all been hurting. It has been a struggle to stay positive and create beauty. As I sit in my little house today surrounded by art, books, music and the promise of a fine healthy meal after a morning of riding my bike and a productive afternoon in the studio I feel grateful. I am grateful for the country I live in, my loving family and friends, good and improving health, the good fortune to make art and I'm back to talking to you. My oldest high school buddy Billy told me the other day "When you are not making pots I worry about you!" Well Billy I'm not making like I used to and don't want to. When I came back from Wales in the 70's from working with Mick Casson one day I made 90 teapots. They were "sowhats" straight sided, no marks, no details. I thought that is what i needed to do to make a living in clay. I did and have made a living but the circle of life has changed. In the past two days I made 4 teapots. Every detail, poke, hole, addition, detail adds time. Time is all we have to offer to our work. I keep adding more and more to my work. It's almost like everything you ever learned in pottery class turned into one pot. No apologies, I'm back and feeling good. Hope you are all doing well. Dance like nobody is watching. Sing like nobody is in the house, Laugh like a child. Eat good food and exercise daily.Make work that pleases you. Stay hungry! Stay foolish! Line up teapots
Detail of handles
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LM said…
Oh wow Tony, you are back!
Anonymous said…
You Are What You Act

J'agis, donc je suis

Anonymous said…
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