It's a Wrap

Just finished my one week course with 8 enthusiastic and awesome potters. This course was like teaching in a one room school house of old days. I had every level from Grade One to Grade 8. I always said if you want to shoot pool well you should always play with someone that's better than you. The Grade One'ers were inspired by the Grade 8's and I tried to inspire them all. Eating, sleeping in the same house, making pots together all day, going on morning walks and joining together as a clay family was the goal and it worked in spades. We closed the retreat last night with a full on Newfie Shed Party with 5 musicians. A good time was had by all. The colour of the Newfies is what has me interested. A full house of happy particiapant faces just left for the ferry off this rock to The Rock for further NFLD adventures and homeward bound.There are spaces available in the October/November courses I can't imagine how beautiful it could be here in those months. Treat yourself to an amazing time. So now on to colour. Rocks are everywhere. I started making some pots that I cut like rocks. I initially thought I'd like to fire them to resemble rocks with dry, somber coloured glazes. As I have been on the island for a week I see these brightly coloured houses and these quilts with all these crazy but beautiful colour combinations. I wonder now if the rock pots should be coloured brightly. These people get their fill of grey and subltle beautiful colour and texture. They maybe need the bright colours. It's kind like putting beaufiful flowers in a grey, black or white jug. Notice I chose a jug over a vase. The vase should enhance the flowers and not compete with it. I', looking out the window at a bright yellow house, and turquoise one that look fabulous with a grey rock background. I now have a weeks retreat of my own here on Fogo Island. I couldn't rent a car to go exploring so Sarah and Peggy have been kind enough to let me stay here and go on day hikes. The Universe intervened and had me put down anchor in this amazing place. Tonight I'm off to see bluesman Morgan Davis. This just never happens at home. They say "you don't come to Newfoundland for the weather you come here for the people. So far that has been sooooooooooooooo true.


BarbK said…
Time to Move? you might like living in an artist colony!
Anonymous said…
You were around in the 70's, put that thumb to good use.
Return to your roots as a hippy hitchhiker.

Anonymous said…
If you want to be a rock hound, check out Grand Manan island, New Brunswick in the Bay of Fundy.

gz said…
What a place..and those quilts...and all those marvellous group vibes..lucky all of you!!
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Anonymous said…
Sorry Blue Cookies, we can grow our own now, I have my own private herb garden.
Anonymous said…
Now Let The Music Play!

Anonymous said…
"The secret of success in every field is redefining what success means to you."

- RuPaul.
Anonymous said…
Something to add to your reading list.

Frances Palmer Pottery.


Anonymous said…

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Lady Fogo-not

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