Why I love pitchers

In Canada we call pitchers jugs. The pitcher plant is the Provincial plant of Newfoundland. I just found another reason to love Newfoundland. The pitcher plant is a carnivore! I am going to take a rash of bacon out to Waterman's Trail tomorrow and give the pitcher plant a treat. I guess the pitcher plant is Newfoundland's Venus Fly Trap. I hiked every morning before breakfast and it is as addictive as cycling when you have such a beautiful and interesting topography to look at. This morning on Waterman's Trail I spotted a caribour grazing in the wet lands. My class is doing really well and improving by the hour. We are now on day 3 and the room is filling up with pots. So many artists to visit on such a small island. We are taking a few hours this aft to visit some of them. I give my talk tonight 'Fail, look at me it ain't so bad!". All are invited and all are welcome. Hey Dominic and Andrew that is Brimstone Head the fourth corner of the world and it's ryolite! Crank up the ball mill.


Anonymous said…
Hawaii has Diamond Head and Fogo Island has Brimstone Head, are you in Heaven or Hell?
Anonymous said…
Are you thinking about transplanting yourself from away and becoming an Islander?

Anonymous said…
How is hurricane season? You won't be swept away will you?

Betty La Bomb
Anonymous said…
Hoping to see you soon.

Anonymous said…
Lizzo and Cardi B Give Off Electrifying Greek Goddess Vibes In 'Rumors' Music Video


Ceramics is blowing up so much it’s now the subject of a music video!
Anonymous said…
Hey clay friends! Don’t let that Delta variant sneak up on you in the studio 😬 Wear your masks, keep your distance, and get those vaccines if you can! Stay safe out there!

Anonymous said…
Where are the pics of your class and the awesome pots they are making? Show us the goods!!

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