The Buds are out in Ontario

It was usually around this time that Robin 'Grass" Hopper and Judi Dyelle would start phoning me to brag about their flowers blooming in December. Well weather on both the east and west coasts of Canada have been playing hell. Judi did phone me to today to brag about flowers with names unlike my familiar tulip. The good news comes from the center of the universe in Toronto, Ontario. The buds will be hanging out this Saturday at Amsterdam Brewery pop up sale Beer and Cheer. Thank you to Heather Smit and Mr. K for all the work they have done to make this garden party happen. I never dreamed that at age 70 I would still be packing boxes, carting pieces of furniture, and organizing my casual self all to sell my wares. It was supposed to get easier with fame and fortune. I missed out on both counts. I have some work I am proud of and would like to show y'all. It's been a tuff year to get your mojo workin'. When the going gets tuff the tuff get going. I am very anxious to see the work my buds have created. They have deep wells and I am sure they drew some fine water for you to drink. Well, if not the beer will not disappoint you. I always liked
the expression a beer and a bump. It's a Buffalo thing- beer and a shot of bourbon. I was told a bump meant something else in the drug culture and I should watch what I say. Yet another thing to remind me of my age. So how about y'all come out for some beer and some pot? Cya at one of the best pot dispensaries in Ontario- Amsterdam Brewery.


Anonymous said…
booty bumps?
Anonymous said…
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