Who am I?

A friend sent me this thought for the day and it has been on my mind for a few days now. After a couple days of soul searching I think my gift has been my teaching. It has meant so much to me and I think I have embraced it enthusiastically and passionately. So you can imagine how these past two years have affected my artist/teachers heart? In the past 2 years with the exception of a wonderful week of teaching at Fogo Island Clay Studio this past August it has been a dry well. People feed my soul, my work and my writing. I don't make up imaginery characters, or events. I'm not a fiction writer. I'm counting on Portugal to fill up my well again. I have 2 years of being solitary to unleash on the students.
It's funny I'm reading a book The Untethered Soul that brings up the first question Mick Casson posed to me some 4 decades ago. Here are the questions: !.Who are you? 2.What are you trying to say with your work? 3.What knowledge should you have to do your work well? 4.Money- How are you going to make a living? What I have discovered over 4 decades of pot making that you must answer question #4 before you can even consider the other 3. It's what Tom Coleman called The Mudpie Dilemma. So of my 3 grand daughters two love to make Art. Would I encourage them to pursue their love? Of course, I would! My parents were horrified at my choice.
Here a piece of Art by my 6 year old grand daughter Ju-ju. You can visit her new website set up by my daughters amazing artist partner Martin Piper. 6 years old and she has a website and I don't have one -yikes! https://juliamakesart.com I love kids Art. It's not over thought. Boom, boom there ya go!


Cyndi said…
Tony, My fingers and toes are crossed with regard to Portugal. I love the questions by Mick. They are headed into my journal for thought. Bacon.
Anonymous said…
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