Bullet Proof

Man I hesitate to use that term with all the violence going on. Kill one person and nothing is much said. Kill a bunch and your name goes down in history. I've used the same clay body for over 25 years and I always claimed it is bullet proof. It is a recipe I got out of a Warren MacKenzie book but found it was too brittle and seemed to chip easily. Fortunately for me clay guru Ron Roy is my buddy and I asked Ron to tweek it. As I would expect it is a great clay body. Here's the formula if you care to try it. Ha nobody makes their own clay anymore and hardly anyone can drive a standard transmission. Smokie’s Hot Bod Hawthorn 50m (175) Kentucky Stone (200) OM4 (50) G-200 (50) Silica Sand 50m (50) Flint 140m (50) Yellow Iron (4) A lot of the forms I make are made sectionally. I find I can make them faster and get a more articulated form. Today I threw the bottoms put them out in the sun and an hour later added the side walls and an hour after that I stamped the texture. If this was porcelain I'd have to cover it with bed sheets, then plastic and put in a wet cupboard for days whle I sang Kumbyah. I've got a week to pull together a firing. Well a week minus 3 days that my daughter Robin and grand daughter Ju-ju are visiting. I am teaching at the Haliburton School of Fine Arts starting Monday July 18th and I'd like to take some new work along with me. But more than that I need Robin and Ju'ju's love in my life. My lily collection is beginning full bloom and it is nice to have morning coffee in the garden, a bike ride and time again in the studio.Feeling my mojo returning. I'm thinking of some boat forms for Fogo Island. Geography does impact the work you make or it should. It is sooooo powerful. Be safe out there! T


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