The Crossroads

I'll be spending a month on a little rock off a bigger rock. I'll be on the much talked about Fogo Island, Newfoundland that is fast becoming an artist's colony. Often change is made by the vision of one person. In this case it is the amazing creative mind of Fogo Island's Zita Cobb. Here is an inspirational flick. Then in January I head out to work at Nettles Pottery, Christian Pass, Mississippi. Brian is also an inspirational figure. He was wiped out by hurricane Katrina but has rebuilt and prospered. We will be offering a two week course and a weekend in February. The course co taught by us is entitled "The Canuck and the Cajun".My claim is that I make pots for occassional use and Brian makes for everyday use. The difference a word can make. We both make pots people want not need. Brian and I plan to visit The Crossroads in Mississippi where bluesman Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil for his ability to master the guitar. Standing at the crossroads there are many roads to take. To name a few you could take the road to freedom, or the road to pain or the one to paradise. The ideal is freedom and paradise are a two lane road. Paradise is a place of contentment, fulfillment and happiness. Zita and Brian found paradise in their back yards. You can't know where you are going if you don't know where ya have been.- Maya Angelou. Many of us in the Arts have travelled most of the roads. It is nice to have a light on to find your way back home. Just standing at the crossroads imprisoned by your own self doubt is no way out. If you have the words, there's always the chance you'll find the way.- Seamus Heaney.(Irish poet)_ Here's another good one from Seamus- I ate the day/that's its tang! Eat the day!


Anonymous said…
Even though adversity can get the better of you, it’s a learning experience. Life’s going to throw some things at you. In those things are some other things called opportunities. Get back up. It makes you stronger, smarter, and better.

Sissy Cissy
Anonymous said…
people say things
meant to rip you in half
but you hold the power to not
turn their words into a knife
and cut yourself.

RK Honey
Anonymous said…
Fogo Island Pride is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support to members of the Queer community and their allies on Fogo Island and in rural Newfoundland and Labrador.
Anonymous said…
Legend has it that on a windy or stormy night you can hear the sound of singing in a foreign language coming from the burial area of Mockbeggar, a small region on the coast of eastern Newfoundland.
Anonymous said…
Be a Viking in L’Anse aux Meadows
Anonymous said…
What truly makes you stronger, a push for you to find yourself, focus on yourself and become a better version of yourself, learning to put yourself first is the best lesson, and being surrounded by people who love you and support you will make all the difference.

Keep on truckin'

Potty Potter
Tony Clennell said…
Last summer I marched in The Pride Parade at Fogo and then went to the Pride Lunch. It was wonderful and I was amongst wonderful people. Awesome Fogo Pride! Fogo is a very inclusive place. T
Anonymous said…
Welcome to Fogo Island

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