Stay hungry, stay foolish

This is the signature on my emails- stay hungry and stay foolish. I've been giving some thought to that saluation today. Would my work be more creaive if I felt secure? No mortgage, no insurance, no car payments, no taxes, no all that make me toss and turn? Necessity is the Mother of Invention and that has ruled my life. I neeed to feed the kids. I need to pay the mortgage! I need to pay the taxes, the groceries, the car payments, etc, etc. I wonder if feeling secure and safe makes Art better. There is this thing that poets must drink hard and suffer to make good work. Hmmm I wonder if those poets had a time on easy street what their work might be like. Funny thing is that my work is always better when my bank balance is in the black. When it's in the red I make what the market wants and not what is in my heart. I'm off in September to work with my friends Lee Danisch and Fraser Carpenter on Fogo Island, Newfoundland. I have an entire month to make Art. I ain't going to Fogo to do repetition throwing that sells. I'm excited to make some one off work.Here is one of the best jugs I've ever made. Wood fired, celedon, strong and totally me.


Anonymous said…
Are you going to be living off the grid?
Back to the land, 70's style.
Anonymous said…
Walk on the wild side.

Jump in the deep end.

Throw caution to the wind.

Live dangerously.

Live on the edge.

Go for broke.

And finally, Jump with both feet first.

Anonymous said…
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
― Oscar Wilde
Anonymous said…
New Langya virus detected in China. Here’s what we know so far.

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and a concerning monkeypox outbreak, a new zoonotic virus likely transmitted to humans from animals has caught the attention of scientists.

The Langya virus belongs to the same family as the Nipah virus.

Nipah virus affects the brain and respiratory system and kills 40-75 per cent of the people that it infects, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

To date, no cases of the Nipah nor Langya virus have been reported in Canada.

There are no specific vaccines or treatments developed for either virus.

Here we go again?
Kaycee said…
Tony, affectionately you and your jug are marvelous hand grenades
Anonymous said…
Who's the mole?
Who's the mole?
Anonymous said…
Donald Trump will be a successful president again.

because I believe the United States was terribly misgoverned in the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama years and in policy terms Trump was a very effective and successful president and will probably be so again. he is a candidate for Mount Rushmore.

Conrad Black
Anonymous said…
Classified documents.
Top Secret Classified documents.


Who's Trump been showing them to?
Russians, Saudi 9-11 terrorists?
They all hang out at his resorts and golf courses.

He is in business with them after all.
Anonymous said…
Donald Trump is going to be the big Orange soon, not only his hair, but a prison jump suit.
Anonymous said…
recommendation for Trump on how to keep the FBI out of his personal safe and storage units going forward.

"The only way around that is if your safe says 'No FBI Allowed' on it," "Then legally, they can't look in there."
Tony Clennell said…
My blog is not to discuss Trump so go away! It is about Art. The mention of his name makes me want to puke.
So go elsewhere with this nonsense. Thank you!

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