When your creative well dries up!

I've been talking with a lot of my creative clay folks and they are struggling. Covid knocked the hell out of us. There is something wrong in The Universe when Tony Clennell posts more pictures of flowers than my long time pal Judi Dyelle who took every pleasure in showing off her flowers even in January. So what do you do when your creative well dries up????? I guess the obvious is to take a break. Hmmm. That one scares me. I'm relatively new into this exercise deal and I think if I gave it a rest for an extended period of time I'd probably say "f#@k it" and just get lazy. There was a period in my career where I would have been completely content just making jugs. I haven't made jugs for some time now. So I broke the rules and poured myself a tequila with lime and ice at 2:30Pm sat in my yellow chair and stared at my jug collection. After a 20 minute meditation and a go get em champ pep talk I headed down to the studio to make what else???? Jugs! I think the very best potters I know have extensive pot collections and bulging libraries. I used to look at the books a lot but now it's more the pots themselves. My student protege, now friend and peer Mr. K (Andrew Kellner) is an awesome jug maker. He probably makes my favourite jugs. The jugs display the man. Confident, strong, casual, direct and an edge. There is a soft side that we that love him know too well.
I like a knife with an edge and I also like a person with edge. You treat them with the respect a sharp knife should be given. I went to the studio and made 5 Meds. Meds are what Mick Casson called Medieval inspired jugs. The first 3 so so. I went up had the tequila and lime and the next two got me feeling like my mojo was coming back. Here is a collection of jugs in my livingroom and a Med and Roundie by Mr. K. You need one in your jug collection.


Cyndi said…
Tony, I love your jug collection. I like the tall lanky one. Did Andrew make it? Thank you for sharing your struggles. It helps the rest of us. Sending you hugs, Bacon.
gz said…
That is an inspiring collection!! I love jugs too.

They are challenging and satisfying to make.
Tony Clennell said…
Yes Cyndi: Andrew made both of the jugs above. He has taken loose to another level. Hugs back atcha, T
Anonymous said…
Have you been taking yourself on a weekly artist's date?
But I like you idea better of Tony's special lime juice, cheers!
Anonymous said…
Listen to music.
music can increase creativity and focus.

Do something brave.
Take a beginner’s dance class. Do something that pushes your limits and then use your experiences for inspiration. Ever take a ballroom dancing class, or get a hookup APP?
Anonymous said…
Forget about that bucket list,
take a risk, what would be on your F*CKET List?

Anonymous said…
Tarragon Smith teaches ceramics in Cambridge.



Check it out.

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