Pilgrims Pass

I am at the end of The Southern Camino Trail ending at Brian Nettles Pottery in Pass Christian, Mississippi. My pilgrimage is not just about getting holes punched in my card. It ain't about I've been everywhere man. I'm not just passing through. That was the old me. I now want to nurture the friendships that the ceramics community has so given me. It's taken me 12 days to get to Mrs. Sip which should only take me 2 days. I had one night in a motel in Morganstown, VA and moved on to Seagrove to visit with David Stuempfle and Nancy Gottovi. I visited friends in town and we had a dinner party. From there I went to see The Meyers family in Athens, Georgia, over to Atlanta to visit Doc Agel and did a mini workshop at The Spruille Arts Center and we took in some Art. A little bump in the road had my car break down for the tune of $2000. Shit happens! Off to Fairhope, Alabama to visit with Susie Bowman and another dinner party. I did my longest ride to date 97K. I'm now here with Brian and Rhonda Nettles in Mrs. Sip. Brian and I will make pots together in preparation for our two week throwing and firing course. It is full to the brim. We have decided to have a party and exhibition of the work we all did during the workshop. Brian knows how to throw a good party so weather pending there could be a big bon fire and music. We will then present a bums in seats weekend demonstration workshop. There is space available for the weekend workshop so come on out if you are in striking distance. Start with the exhibition and party and I promise to be on my A game for the weekend. Here are some of Brians pots, studio and the bourry box wood kiln.
Tony Clennell Two Day Observational Workshop Composite Throwing and Extreme Handles Come join one of the top makers in our field, international artist and author Tony Clennell, for two days of pottery making demonstrations. With a focus on larger-than-life utilitarian pottery for occasional use, attention will be directed toward details on large casseroles, pitchers, bowls, baskets, and plates used for celebration and presentation. Sectional or composite construction, where many thrown and hand-built pieces are added together to form one vessel and complex handle forming methods, will be demonstrated. Tony will demonstrate his variety of surface decorations including mark making techniques, slip decoration, and glazing. Students are encouraged to bring their favorite piece for a "No Holds Barred" critique from Tony. Tony will give a slide presentation of his life and work and time spent in the porcelain capital of Jingdezhen, China Tony Clennell, MFA, RCA Tony is a second-generation potter that has taught workshops in Canada, USA, Japan, China, Wales, Italy and Portugal. He has a Master of Fine Arts from Utah State University and is a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. He is the author of "Stuck in the Mud" a book of irreverent tales of the wonderful clay community. He has been a practicing potter for 45 years. Dates: February 25th - February 26th Time: 10am to 4pm Location: Nettles Pottery, 22291 Bells Ferry Rd, Pass Christian, MS 39571 Fee: $175 (lunch included both days) Deposit: $100, mailed asap to hold your spot. The remainder will be due the first morning of workshop. Mail deposit to: Brian Nettles, 22291 Bells Ferry Rd, Pass Christian, MS 39572 Any questions please feel free to contact: 228-452-3511 or Nettlesstudio@aol.com *There will be an opening reception on Friday, February 24th 6pm-9pm that will feature the wood/salt fired work by Tony Clennell and recent workshop participants. You are invited to attend.


gz said…
That's the right way to travel!
Anonymous said…
Did you make it to Sherman's Castle?


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