Dispelling a myth

Potters think that what they do each day in the studio is physical and is good for their health. Actually it ain't true, y'all. Mostly ya sit on your duff and breath clay dust. You may get some what of a workout if you split wood, or fire a kiln. My mantra is to do something physical every day and if it makes me sweat all the better. Up until Covid I worked every Saturday night. I loved working Saturday nights. I would listen to the Blues, drink some wobbley substance and make pots until midnight. Then Sunday I would have so much to attend to with all those pots I'd spend Sunday listening to CBC radio and happily suck on a wine glass and make Art. Since COVID my attention has turned to my health. People tell me I look better, I feel better and looking/feeling better makes for better work. Ain't that the craziest thought ever? In another life when I taught highschool it seemed the smartest kids did something athletic. They were not natural athletetes but they showed up and did the hard work. Soon the naturals were being overtaken by the workers. I think my story is that I work. I work harder than many. Some think strong back and weak mind and they are probably correct. When ya turn 3 score and ten you see mortality as a beautiful sunset. It's going to disappear fast so toast it with champagne and live it large and in quality years. Good health is key to the puzzle. It can't be bought!


gz said…
Well said..keep walking, keep cycling and enjoy the clay!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
What springs to mind here is
"Motion is the lotion"
and "You are what you eat"
Take care of yourself.....and you will make wonderful work!

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