If's and's or but's.

Today I walked across the damn at Pinecroft as I have done for decades. I first walked that spillway when I was 6 and I remember willows and water snakes. I would wake as early as I could to be with my Uncle Jimmie. He was always up early and I would walk down to the pottery with Lassie the dog by my side. Lucky me I would get to ride on his knee and steer the Ford Little Red Pony tractor to go back home to Stonehaven where my aunt would have made fresh bread and eggs fried in a pound of butter. Meals were important to them. The business could go to hell at lunch. It was time for family and that was it........ What I loved about my Uncle Jimmie was there were no if's, and's or but's. Uncle Jimmie knew no reverse. He went straight forward and did what he said he'd do. No I'll think about it, dunno, he did it. Guess who has been the biggest influence in my life??. Miss ya bunches Uncle Jimmie. Today I taught my first beginners class of 2023 in the studio. We went for lunch at Pinecroft's Green Frog Tearoom. It is an amazing eatery and beautiful place to be. My uncle and aunt departed to a studio across the pond when the Tearoom became an amazing draw to the pottery. This is all thanks to my cousin Brenda and her husband Herm and their family. They have built a amazing destination that is a pleasure for all- good food, music, atmosphere all in spades.


smartcat said…
You are fortunate indeed to live in a place filled with wonderful memories.....and that you are making new ones for so many.
Anonymous said…
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