The Wild Bunch

I just put up some pics to show the wild bunch at USU after unloading the double wide train kiln. We decided to fire the kiln with just the 5 of us and little did I realize what I was getting myself into. The wild bunch consists of Joe (Singlemalt) Singlewald, Dan(Murf) Murphy, Young Danny Crump, Trevor (Never) Dunn and yours truly. this kiln consumed 10 dump truck loads of wood and you had a solo shift of 8 hours. When the thing is at full tilt boogey you are feeding the two bourry fireboxes and 8 or ten side stoking holes. That's a lot of work for this old dog. My buddy Trevor rescued me once again.Check out the bear's rugs on Murf's jars. That all has to be taken off with a wire brush and a the wife beater. The wife beater is our unpolitcally correct name for a sandpaper flapper wheel.
The large jar is Murf's and the horizontal bourbon bottle as well.There is a view of what the pots look like up close to the firebox. Lots of sanding and cleaning to be done. The 2 plates are by undergrad Young Danny Crump. At 22 years old if the kid gets any better I'm going to break his fingers.


Anonymous said…
Simply wonderful. And to think you wood nuts were a bunch of elitist snobs. Who knew..... sign me a cone 6 woman in the basement.
John said…
please post more work by Crump the Trump

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