BFA Exhibition

The BFA Exhibition opened on Friday night and I've just had a chance to show a few pics from it. It was really a great show with a lot of diversity of talent. There was a little shock and humour with this piece on the American Shopping Experience, a scary photo of Danny and I larger than life done by photo major Cody Bell. Couldn't help but want to show you the diversity of Young Danny Crump with his large steel sculpture and his lead glazed grog cast head that almost matches the size of his since he now has landed the residency at Missoula, Montana. This is another feather in his cap. At 23 he has had residencies at Peter's Valley, Red Lodge and now Missoula. Congrats, Danny!
I loved the imagination in this painting of a child taking a fish for a walk on a leash. To be able to imagine that brought a smile.


Linda Starr said…
I'm green with envy at some of those works. Seriously, looks like some great works. Congrats to Danny, and to all of you, you too.
Atsuko Neely said…
The artist of the painting was in my third year Japanese. She is half Japanese. Alyssa incidentally married and had a baby this year, but managed to get through... According to her mom, though, she is changing her career to business. thinking about getting MBA. That's too bad!

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