Hot Buttered Crumpet

Today, I had the privilege of being invited to an Awards Ceremony celebrating excellence. Young Danny Crump was the recipient of Student of the Year in the Art Dept.
When he received the nomination and acceptance I heard naysayers grumbling blah, blah, blah. No one in the ceramics dept. has experimented and accomplished more than Danny. He can fire every kiln in the department, he has grog cast, poured aluminum and bronze cups, is a fine maker of domestic ware, he has welded sculpture, made beautiful coiled primitive vases and he continually steps up for the old bull at the drop of a hat. Congrats, Danny!!! Neely goes to the can every day at 2 just to check who is being naughty or nice and doesn't miss a thing that's going on in the studio. You are always the one with a mess around him making something no one else has tried.
Atsuko Neely also received Faculty Undergrad Advisor of the Year at the ceremony today. I've never had Atsuko for a teacher but I'd nominate her in a heartbeat for B and B Hostess of the Year. Whenever a visiting artist is in town there is a pot luck at the Neely's. Whenever someone needs a room, some advice, some food or drink Atsuko is always a welcoming hostess with a hearty laugh.


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