Friday, November 27, 2009

A fresh thought

A former Sheridan alumni dropped in today and said hey why don't we photograph the jugs in the gray of this overcast day without artificial lights? Victor Levin helped me take a few pics that are a biiiiiiiiig improvement over what i was doing. Thank you Vic!!!
Here are some pics of the jugs. Hey they are for sale if anyone is interested. $225 for the tallies and $275 for the fatties.Hey the best deal in a kiln is always the big pots- harder to master, take up more space, harder to glaze. You potters know that, what am I telling you that for?

1 comment:

Vicki Hamilton said...

Whoa Tony! Yay Vic! The photos of the jugs in natural light - cool light at that, instead of warm - are extroardinary! Gorgeous. Thanks for the treat.