The End of a Era

Well in preparation for our move to "Th

e Hammer" we have been busy dismantling the train which is thousands of hard heavy firebricks and a fellow friend and potter Phil Yordy bought our Geil gas kiln and came down to help build a wooden structure inside the chamber to keep all the bricks in place for shipping.Phil was great to work with and we did a really nice job. That kiln has been the heart of our studio and has fired like a dream for 306 glaze firings. As for the train, now the best wood kiln in the world will have to be owned by someone else.
Another friend Sylvie offered us her Skutt programmable electric to get us started in the new urban studio. To be honest we're very excited about 04 e-ware. I have always maintained that good potters can make good pots in any kiln. This is will be a test of how deep our well is.


Alex Solla said…
Good luck with the new studio and the new work. It'll be a fun transition for you, for sure! Enjoy! Looking forward to seeing the new work.
June Perry said…
Wow Tony, when you guys make changes you go all out! Good for you! Can't wait to hear more when you're settled and making great earthenware! This 71 (soon to be 72) year old needs to start thinking in that direction.

You're right - good potters can make great pots at any temperature in any atmosphere!
Exciting to read about the transition! Looking forward to seeing how things progress as you settle in to your new home. Congrats on embracing change!
Anonymous said…
It must be bittersweet making this change. Take care of yourselves. I can't wait to see your new work and hear about your position at Sheridan. Good luck with all of the details. Bacon
bfreeceramics said…
so... i'm forseeing some kind of red earthenware with white slip..under a lucious honey colored glaze. you might be going for the urban style of firing..but i have a feeling your pots will always have that old school feeling to it. good for the rest of us, because we need guys like you!
Togeika said…
You might consider cone 1. I've tested with Arbuckle cone 03 and Pinnell's terra sig, and have had some pretty nice results. When you put Redart terra sig on shells, you get flashing! Imagine that, flashing on electric! The amber and green in Arbuckle's majolica handout will go to cone 1. If you have trouble, just reduce the frit a little. Cone 1 red earthenware rings more nicely than porcelain. It is more durable than stoneware and does not leak. Good Luck!

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