Fries with that?

I've often told the students in my second year throwing class at Sheridan that if you don't have independent means you had better learn to make mugs and bowls or be prepared to say "Would you like fries with that?" Harlan House took this quite literally in his show at David Kaye Gallery entitled China, Made in Canada. Harlan took a poke a his name sake Colonel Harland Saunders and the Golden Arches. Some of his vases had carvings or cobalt paintings of Ronald McDonald, the Colonel, the Arches and with the piece you got a generous portion of ceramic fries. Although a little hard on the teeth they are probably just as tasty and nutritious.
The Last Supper was a great spoof on what it might have looked like today. Present at the gallery were two of the grande dames of craft in this country- Jean Johnson and Jean Chalmers. Great to see them there. Harlan and his #1 support person his wife Maureen.


Anonymous said…
Boy i haven't seen any those folks for a very long time, probably 20 years or more!!!!

wonderful to see Harlan's work - always loved his take on things!

cheers, linda

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