Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lollipop and Sparky

Just setting up my house for the summer season at Pinecroft Centre for the Arts. Dug out some pots I bought that I had packed away and almost forgotten. These are great plates by Mary?????? of Maryland. Please help me remember. She had the nicest anagama with a built on kitchen facility and a studio with a ancient dumb waiter. It was the most beautiful field stone house, studio, fence I have ever seen in my life and i can't remember her name. Lovely woman and fabulous work.
Here is one of her little vases with a flower from my front garden. The print of Lollipop and Sparky is from The Hatch Print Shop in Nashville, TN. I wonder if this poster would be PC today. I do love it!


Dan Finnegan said...

Is it Mary Bowran? I never met her but I've heard of her legendary kiln!

Ann Kenworthy said...

Yes, those are Mary Bowron's plates. Beautiful!