Last night we met Amy Shindo and Thomas  a WVU grad who is doing his Phd. in Ceramics here in the UK. We had dinner and a pint then went to see a movie on Amy Winehouse. Everyone loves to see a train wreck and her life turned out so tragically. I loved her singing and was saddened by her unraveling and death. Such an extreme contrast to our classy Amy.
Robin and I are now in the boonies of the north country.  Such an extreme from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This is home to my ancestors. This is a National Forest and dedicated the largest black sky area in the world. There is no light pollution for 500 square miles. People the world over come here to see the sky.
We are staying at Clennell Hall which is a beautiful old manor with excellent dining and a wonderful fresh smell to the air. Robin is out in the garden reading which she has done with a thirst all her life.
Here is a little dream potter's cottage that just sold- dang! It had The Rose and Thistle just next door done the lane from Clennell Hall. I'm meeting Rocky at the bar tonight as he is the official authority on my family history.


Chandler said…
Oh ! Amazing! Please come back to us though! ...even though if I had a chance I'd stay...even without clennell hall etc in my blood. So great you and robin are having this time together.

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