The Last Supper

This was the last bread we broke together a couple of years ago with potter friend Cathi Jefferson. Grass had just been diagnosed with liver cancer.
It is with sadness that today I report the passing of my friend Robin “Grass” Hopper. Grass always had a purpose in his life and right up until this past fall he was still publishing and contributing to the world of ceramics. This past few months have been wonderful time for him to share many visits from friends and family.  There was really no more for him to accomplish and with the exception of sharing moments of love with family his ceramic materials had run dry.   

I set the table for him on Thursday.. It was raining mad dogs and Englishmen here so a fitting day for the Old Brit to blow his trumpet, take a bow have the curtain fall and be on his merry way. Wait, I think there is a standing ovation, maybe a second and third.. Your life was performance art acted out to the very end. Good night, Grass.  Toot, toot!


gz said…
Farewell to one most loved and respected.
Marcia Selsor said…
Thank you, Tony. You expressed it all.
Anonymous said…
Thank You for your fine tribute, Tony.
Anonymous said…
...and Bravo! It deeply saddens me to hear of the passing of the poets, we need'em so bad, as much as ever and as much as always. So when the ground shook the other night it was your friend. "...he died and he died so hard, shook the ground in my backyard." Some shake the ground a little harder than others. My condolences to you T and to all who loved him. ...dh
Andy said…
Thank you Tony for your wonderful tribute to Robin. He was my greatest mentor and I am forever indebted to Robin for teaching me that you can find inspiration in anything. I certainly found it in him!
Thom Wirt said…
Thanks for the news Tony and your tribute. And can I add an ovation from all those whose lives he touched and he never knew them or knew he even touched them. A great man and incredible potter.
Sarah Hopper said…
Thank you Tony. Your photo of The Last Supper brings tears to my eyes. Indeed, the family time these past years has been so important to each of us. Thank you for capturing that in an image of that last meal honouring a good friend! I would love to add this image to my own collection if I may.

smartcat said…
Thank you for a great tribute.
Anonymous said…
I shall never forget Robin's generosity in making such a lovely video about his day spent with Hans Coper which was shown at the clay stories event at nceca in providence. He did not believe it when I emailed him telling him how that five minute story brought the house down but I know he was very pleased. Godspeed Robin, your influence will be resonating for generations to come.
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