I made my bed!

Did your parents ever say to you" you made your bed and now you have to sleep in it!"?
Mine did and it is the best advice they ever gave me. When I wake up in the morning I go get the espresso machine warming up and I immediately make my bed. I have completed and accomplished something in the very first 10 minutes of the day. Then if my whole day goes for a shitter I know I have done something productive. You've had those days when the phone keeps ringing, people drop by, the clay isn't co-operating and life's maintenance gets the best of you.
Today I drove 2 hours to do a glaze workshop for the Richmond Hill Potters Guild. There was a threat of freezing rain, high winds and hazardous driving conditions. The organizer emailed to ask what was my Plan B?  I have never had a Plan B in my life. I will be there on time!!!
Well, I had a great day with a fun bunch that have some nice pots destined to go the distance with Cassius Clay. For once the weather meteorologist was right and it was one helluva nasty day out there. I have an AWD, the best snow tires money can buy and I actually like winter driving. Freezing rain is not the friend of any good driver. 
It was a long white knuckle drive home but all the while I knew my bed was made and it would be welcoming. Jack had been snoozing and sprung up to welcome my safe return home.
Relax Jack I'm home safe and sound!
 Some close friends have been encouraging me to write a book on creativity. I don't know if I know anything about it.  If I wrote another book it would be entitled " No Plan B!"
Libation cups with Rebecca handles- crack and hagi.
Artists can't even entertain the idea of doing something else like a Plan B. If they can picture themselves doing Plan B then they are not cut from the right cloth to do Plan A . 
Here are some wee libation cups I snuck into the recesses of Cassius Clay when the London Potters spared with him. Hagi glaze on crack. Crack is my new addiction.
Marks of process. I experienced some erosion on the rims from the length of the firing.
Y'all know I hate borrowing flat bottoms. Avery labels 


Catherine Jarosz said…
I make my bed every a.m. with the exact reasons you named thanks to
Something I read from a General! Yeah it does feel like an accomplishment ! Plus sure is nice falling into a smooth and neat bed after a long long day at work in studio ❤️

Plan B is to improvise when Plan A becomes SNAFU
Anonymous said…
Don't be in such a rush, let it breath.
Oscar Fernandez said…
This is so beautiful. I love it

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