Time wasted on you

Sore hand or not I have wood to prep for a wood firing next weekend with the Richmond Hill Potters Guild. I wonder in the 40 years I've been firing a wood kiln how much time I have wasted on you.
I could have downed a million beers in Mexico
Counted every piece of gravel on a long country road
Sailed that slow boat to China right up to the moon.
For all the time I've wasted on you.
This is a great song by Lori Mckenna.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93WrEBNMb6k
It's been a wet spring.

The ole shed is about to collapse.

Fiskar  splitting axe guaranteed for life- now that is a product!
imagine if someone laid that guilt trip on ya like I'm laying on the wood pile. I bitch and complain about the weather, the hard labour and the time I've wasted hauling, splitting, stacking and lugging the wood but the truth is I love hard work, being out side and the sense of accomplishment I get when the whole dang thing is done (which of course it never is).
If I could buy the town of Aylmer I bet you think I'd put in a trendy coffee shop, a blues bar, an upscale  bookstore and an amazing gallery. Well folks ya got me wrong. I'd keep Cy's Bowling Alley that I've been to twice. I'd keep Clarks Restaurant and all the little businesses that work hard every day in this town. When I do the morning shift at the wood kiln I wake at 5:15 am to see many of my neighbours lights on. People work hard in this town and I wouldn't change one dang thing about that.
I haven't wasted my time with you Lady Wood Pile. You have taken me outside for fresh air, given me exercise and given me some of the nicest pots I've ever fired.


Anonymous said…
Hi Tony I just want to say hooray for you and may the mighty Kiln God smile benevolently on you.

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