Where I suffer

When I'm not on the road this is where I currently suffer for my art. Lucky for me my cousins keep the lamp on so I can find my way back home. It is a comforting thought to know there will always be a place for me when I no longer want to wander.
This is Pinecroft that my Uncle Jimmie and Aunt (Cavvy) Selma started in 1947. Initially a pottery when they took Brenda on full time it was hard to pay the wages so Brenda started a tearoom serving tea and biscuits to help subsidize her wage. It has grown over the past 40 years to a full blown restaurant serving between 50-60,000 people. The pottery is still intrigal but it is the restaurant that is the main draw.
I don't make production for the showroom although I try to kick in to help around the pottery. Today I threw 18 large deep dish pie plates that I'll handle and finish for the showroom. They are in part a thank you for being my light house keepers. The pie plates were an hours work and probably an hour tomorrow to trim and handle. Production work for me is easy.  Sometimes it feels good to do easy work.  It won't have me springing out of bed, racing down the road like a mad man on my bike singing loudly in what can only be Russian.  The field workers look up from their morning toil can be heard saying "Yo mon, WTF?"
It's a beautiful commute and a paradise to work in. I wander across the dam at 10:30 to witness the ducks, the geese, the heron, the turtles, and oh yeah those bastards the deer flies.
Next week I head off to teach at The Haliburton School of Fine Arts for a week. I have never taught there and have heard it is a paradise of it's own situated in a beautiful part of Ontario- The Haliburton Highlands - a place of thousands of lakes. I'm taking my bike and swim suit.
up the stairs from the pond dam

Showroom and tearoom

Green Frog Tearoom- prime seating

Our Sat/Sun class always join us for lunch

The Old Pottery and teaching facility

Brenda can fill the room with pots in a couple of hours

Always there to supervise- Roxy and Maggie


Anonymous said…
Say it isn't so, you're no longer in the top 40 to 50 ceramic or pottery blogs to follow for 2019. What is happening out there in the world?
gz said…
You're one of the top blogs on my list, whenever you post.
Pinecroft looks just great

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